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How to Activate the U. S. Bank Credit Card :

The U.S. Bancorp is an American-based financial banking organization, settled in Minneapolis, Minnesota, & is incorporated in Delaware. The U.S. Bank National Association operates under the parenthood of the U. S. Bancorp, & is the 5th biggest banking company in the United States.

Nowadays, the U. S. Bank serves its customers with banking, trust, investment, mortgage, & payment services monetary products to the governmental organizations, businesses, individuals, & other financial establishments. Presently, the organization is operating with 3,106 branches, and 4,842 Automated Teller Machines (ATM). It is ranked 117th among the Fortune 500 Companies and operates in the regions of the Western & Mid -Western United States. 

The U.S. Bank has been recognized as one of the Most Ethical Companies globally, for the 7th successive year, by the Ethisphere Institute, which is a global well-known pioneer in characterizing & advancing the principles of ethical business approaches. Moreover, in 2021 the U.S. Bank was also ranked by the Fortune Magazine as one of the Most Admired Companies worldwide & for the 11th consecutive year ranked as the No. 1 in the Superior Provincial Banking industry sector.

How to Activate your U. S. Bank Credit Card:

U. S. Bank always focused to simplify your card activation process, all you just need to follow these underlying guidelines to activate your U. S. Bank Credit Card:

Activate through Online banking:

  • Primarily, to get started, “Log In” to your online banking account.
  • You can also directly click on the link provided at www.usbank.com.

us credit card activation

  • Now choose the “Customer Service” option, from the top menu bar & then tap on the “Self Service” tab.
  • Here on the next page, tap on the “Activate a Card” option, under the “Credit / Charge Account” section.
  • Then again referred on another page, you need to input your “Card Details” & follow the on-screen prompts to complete the Credit Card activation process.

Activate through U.S. Bank Mobile Application:

  • To get the best mobile banking experience, it is recommended to download the U. S. Bank Mobile Application first and get “Logging In”.
  • On the landing page on the main “Menu”, choose the “Manage Cards” option.
  • Then you need to select the “Credit Card” requiring activation.
  • Now tap on the “Activate Card” tab. (Please note that if you have multiple Credit Cards awaiting activation, then choose the one you would like to activate and click on the “Continue” button).
  • Here you have to provide your “Card Details” and your “Social Security Number” (last 4- Digits), then tap on the “Activate” button below.

Additional Information for Activation:

If you face any issues regarding your Credit Cards Activation process, you would like to contact us at 888 -200 -9959 (for Consumer Cards) and 800 -553 -7650 (for Business Cards) or you can contact the 24 hrs U. S. Banking Services at 800 – 872 -2657.

A Guideline for – How to Log In for the U. S. Bank Credit Card:

If you want to Log In or Sign In for the U. S. Bank Credit Card, you will be required to follow the underneath steps given:

  • On the landing webpage of the U. S. Bank website, you will easily find the ACCOUNT LOGIN heading.
  • Here you will need to choose your account type “Online Banking” first, then put on your “Username” & “Password”.
  • You can simply access your account, by tapping on the “LOG IN” tab below.

A Guideline for – How to Apply for the U. S. Bank Credit Card:

Following the instructions below you can easily Apply for the U. S. Bank Credit Card:

  • Go to the home page of the U. S. Bank website, now tap on the “Personal” option on the bar above, then tap on the “Credit Cards” link & again on the “View Credit Cards” simultaneously.
  • Here you will be deferred on the main webpage of Credit Cards, now you can simply select your U.S. Bank Card & “APPLY” accordingly.

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A Guideline for – How to Register or Create a Username and Password for the U. S. Bank Credit Card:

To Create your Username & Password or get Register for the U. S. Bank Credit Card, follow the steps to easily get started:

  • On the U. S. Bank authoritative webpage, under the ACCOUNT LOGIN heading, you can find & tap on CREATE A USERNAME AND PASSWORD option.
  • Choose and tick the box for “Personal” or “Business” as per your requirement.
  • Now on the next webpage put down your “Account or Debit Card Number”, “Last 4- Digits of your Social Security Number (SSN)”, “Select if you have a PIN or Not”, etc.
  • Then after filling up the data carefully, you need to tap on the “Continue” button at the bottom & follow through the on-screen prompts to finish.

Please Note: To access your Online or Mobile Account, you will be needed to complete the Registration or One-time Enrollment process. To get started, please remember to keep alongside your U.S. Bank Credit Card or Account Number, & PIN along with your Social Security Number (SSN). In case if you do not have a PIN or required a new one, please immediately contact U.S. Banking Customer Helpline at 800 -US BANKS (844 -266 -5789) (24 X 7).

A Guideline for – How to Change your Password for the U.S Bank Online Account:

Anytime simply you can change your U.S Bank Online Account Password. Primarily, Log In to your online account & choose the “My Profile” option under the “Customer Service” in the main Menu at the U.S. Bank’s official online portal, & then just look for the “Change Password” link in the Log In Preferences section to follow through the online instructions to finish.

Moreover, in the U.S. Bank Mobile Application, you are required to open the “Main Menu” & tap your “Name” at the top of the list. This will defer you to the “My Profile” screen, where you can easily “Change Your Password” by following the process.

A Guideline for – What to do if you forget your User Name, Password, or Answers to your Security Questions:

In any situation, if you have forgotten your User Name, Password, or the Answers to Your Security Questions, in that case, you have to utilize the “Log In Assistance Tool” by tapping the “Get Log In Help” link on the landing webpage, just below the LOG IN button.

Now on the Log In Assistance Tool page, find the links to get support for “Retrieve ID”, “Retrieve Password” and “Reset ID Shield Questions”, etc. You are needed to tap on the link as per your requirement & follow through along with the on-screen guidelines to finish the activity.

If you are utilizing the U.S. Bank Mobile Application, then you have to tap on the “Log In Help” option, on the login screen, & go through with the instructions.

Various Credit Card Offered by the U. S. Bank:

Presently, the U. S. Bank is offering 6 (six) types of Credit Cards for individuals and business customers. Those are:

  • U. S. Bank Altitude Go Visa Signature Credit Card
  • U. S. Bank Altitude Reserve Visa Infinite Credit Card
  • U. S. Bank Cash Plus Visa Signature Credit Card
  • U. S. Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card
  • U. S. Bank Flex Perks Gold American Express Credit Card
  • U. S. Bank Secured Visa Credit Card

Contact Details:

U.S. Bank Corporate Headquarters Address:

U. S. Bankcorp,

U. S. Bankcorp Centre,

800 Nicollet Mall,

Minneapolis, MN 55402

Phone Numbers:

Any General Queries (Call): 800 -285 -8585

For 24- Hours Banking (Call): 800 -872 -2657 and 844 -266 -5789 (24 X 7)

To Report Lost or Stolen Credit Card (Or), If your Credit Card is required to be delivered in a different Address (Call): 800 -285 -8585

Report Lost or Stolen Credit Line Card or Checks (Call): 888 -852 -5786

For Credit Cards Activation (Call): 888 -200 -9959 (for Consumer Cards) and 800 -553 -7650 (for Business Cards)

For Transactions you don’t Recognize (Call): 866 -821 -8411

For U. S. Bank Offer Verification (Call): 800 -530 -9454

Card Member Services:

For U. S. Bank Altitude Reserve Visa Infinite Card (Call): 844 -357 -2015

For U.S. Bank Altitude Go Visa Signature, Altitude Connect Visa Signature, Cash Rewards, Perks Plus, Platinum, College and Secured Visa Cards (Call): 800 -285 -8585

For U.S. Bank Cash 365 American Express Cards (Call): 844 -303 -8122

For U.S. Bank Premier Line (Call): 888 -444 -BANK

For Flex Perks Gold American Express, Flex Perks Select Plus, American Express & Flex Perks Travel Rewards, and American Express Cards (Call): 866 -311 -5550

For Flex Perks Select Rewards Visa Card (Call): 800 -692 -8472

For Flex Perks Travel Rewards Visa Signature Card (Call): 877 -978 -7446

U. S. Bank offer Verification (Call): 800 -530 -9454

For U.S. Bank Travel Rewards Card (Contact):

Radisson Rewards Visa Card (Call): 800 -236 -4012

SKYPASS Visa Signature Card (Call): 866 -359 -4771

SKYPASS Visa Card (Call): 866 -286 -8472

U.S. Bank Retail Rewards Card (Contact):

Dillons REWARDS World Master Card (Call): 844 -742 -5806

Fred Meyer Rewards World Master Card (Call): 844 -237 -0594

Fry’s REWARDS World Master Card (Call): 844 -742 -5807

Harris Teeter REWARDS World Master Card (Call): 844 -237 -0596

King Soopers REWARDS World Master Card (Call): 844 -742 -5808

Kroger REWARDS World Master Card (Call): 844 -237 -0593

Mariano’s REWARDS World Master Card (Call): 866 -230 -4543

Pick ‘n Save/Metro Market REWARDS World Master Card (Call): 844 -237 -0597

Polaris Visa Card (Call): 877 -828 -4726

Quicken World Master Card (Call): 833 -235 -0940

QFC REWARDS World Master Card (Call): 844 -742 -5809

Ralphs Rewards World Master Card (Call): 844 -237 -0595

REI Co-op World Elite Master Card (Call): 877 -734 -6060

REI Co-op Platinum Master Card (Call): 877 -734 -8742

Smith’s REWARDS World Master Card (Call): 844 -742 -5810

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