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How to Activate a BDO Credit Card :

Binder Dijker Otte, which is abbreviated and well known as BDO, was earlier established in 1963 is a globally recognized association for public accounting, tax, consulting, & business advisory that offers proficient services under the brand name of BDO. In 1973, the official name BDO was primarily started, as the short form for Binder Dijker Otte and Co. In the year 2009, all BDO associate firms changed their names to BDO.

As of the year 2020, BDO has its member firms operating in more than 167 countries. Presently, the firm has a trained workforce of over 91,000 associates & employees in more than 1,658 workplaces globally. BDO is acclaimed as the 5th biggest expert professional services provider worldwide.

Every BDO associate firm has a separate & independent legal entity in its own country. In September 2020 the BDO member firms globally generated a fee income for the year added up to US$10.3 billion. In the years 2015 & 2018, BDO was acknowledged & honored as the prize winner of the Network of the Year Award at the International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) Awards.

A Guideline for – How to Activate a BDO Credit Card (Ph):

To Activate your new BDO Credit Card please go through the below-stated article carefully & check out the various methods carefully. Just follow through the steps as mentioned below to successfully complete the process of BDO Card Activation:

  • First, visit the main official website BDO.
  • You can directly click on the link provided www.bdo.com.ph.
  • On the landing page, choose “Personal”.
  • Then you need to select the “Cards” option, after that tap on the “Credit Cards”
  • Here on another new webpage, you can easily find & tap on the “Credit Card Activation” link, under the CREDIT CARDS heading page,or directly go to www.clg.bdo.com.ph/en/web/clg/card-activation page.
  • Again on a newly deferred webpage, under the “VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT” heading, put down your Card Number, Date of Birth (Choose your DOB), Card Expiration Date, and Write the Security Code Captcha Verification, etc.

bdo credit card activation

  • Now just tap on the “Submit” button & follow the on-screen guidelines.

Activate BDO Credit Card Through Phone Call:

  • Primarily, utilizing your Registered Mobile Number call the BDO Customer Service (Toll-free) Number at 1 -800 -10 -631 -8000.
  • Now, just carefully listen & select your language to proceed.
  • After that, you need to enter your “Card Number” details & “Personal Information”.
  • Listen and follow through with the teleprompter instructions given carefully & finish the process. You will be notified after your card being activated successfully.

Activate BDO Credit Card at ATM:

Alternatively, you can also utilize this simple method to Activate BDO Card. All you need to locate is a nearby BDO Unibank ATM to finish this process.

  • First, you need to find & go to the nearby BDO Unibank ATM in your locality.
  • Now, simply swipe your BDO Credit Card in the cash machine.
  • After that, choose the “Card Activation” option on the screen.
  • Now, you need to put down your “Card Number”
  • And finish the process successfully & your new BDO Credit Card will be activated.

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A Guideline for – How to Apply for a BDO Credit Card (Ph):

If you want to apply for a BDO Credit Card, follow through the underneath steps below:

  • Move on to the CREDIT CARDS heading page, just by following the Activation process.
  • On the webpage, you can easily find the “Apply for a Credit Card” option, tap on that.
  • Here on the RIGHT CARD FOR YOU page, you will find 3 (three) different options to select the right card for you. Those are like Suggest a Card For Me, Compare Cards, & Choose the Brand for My Card.
  • Now by tapping on any one of them, you can choose & apply for the right credit card for yourself.

A Guideline for – How to Log In for a BDO Credit Card (Ph):

In order to Log In or Sign In for the BDO Credit Card, all you need to go with the steps below:

  • Firstly, visit the official website of the BDO.
  • On the home, webpage tap the option, “Online Banking Login” on the top right side. Now again press on the “BDO Online Banking”
  • Here you will be deferred on a new page and under the “Login to BDO Online Banking” heading, put down your “User ID”, & “Password”, etc.
  • Now, by tapping on the “Log in” button, you can access your account.

Various Credit Cards Offered By BDO:

  • BDO Shop More Master Card
  • BDO Standard Master Card
  • BDO Visa Classic Credit Card
  • BDO Bench Master Card
  • BDO Blue from American Express
  • BDO Diners Club International Credit Card
  • BDO JCB Lucky Cat Credit Card
  • BDO Installment Credit Card, and more

Contact Details:

BDO Corporate Centre

7899, Makati Avenue

Makati City 0726, Philippines

Phone Numbers:

BDO Corporate Centre (Call): (+632) -8840 -7000

BDO Rewards Hotline (Call): 8631 -8000

BDO Domestic (Toll-free) (Call): 1 -800 -10 -631 -8000 (PLDT)

BDO Domestic (Toll-free) (Call): 1 -800 -3 -631 -8000 (Digitel)

BDO Domestic (Toll-free) (Call): 1 -800 -8 -631 -8000 (Globe Landline)

BDO Domestic (Toll-free) (Call): 1 -800 -5 -631 -8000 (Bayantel)

International (Toll-free) (Call): (Int’l Access Code) + 800 -8 -631 -8000
AMEX Credit Cards (Call): 1 -800 -10 -81 -41700 (PLDL)

Metro Manila (Call): (+ 632) -8631 -8000

International (Toll- Free) (Call): IAS + 800 -8 -814 -1700

AMEX Personal Cards (Call): (Intl. Access Code) + 800 -8 -814 -1700

AMEX Corporate Cards (Call): (Intl. Access Code) + 800 -8 -840 -7400

Report Lost or Stolen Credit Cards (Call): +800 -8 -631 -8000 (Customer Service Hotline)

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