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by admin June 11, 2021
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LendingClub My Instant Offer Loan Application Online :

LendingClub, American peer-to-peer lending, and an alternative investing company offer customers to get a personal loan with a pre-qualified offer on the web from the comfort of their home. This Pre-Qualified Personalized Loan Offer called My Instant Offer allows the applicants to see what they qualify for without affecting their credit score. Once the application is approved, as a member you will receive your money from the LendingClub Bank or investors in a few days.

How to Get LendingClub My Instant Offer Loan Online :

LendingClub sends some pre-selected customers based on their basic eligibility criteria the pre-qualified My Instant offer for a personal loan by mail. If you are a recipient of one such mail offer and are interested to accept it, you can respond and submit your application online. Applying for a loan with a personalized offer is always faster, easier, and more confidential. Here is a quick start guide for your LendingClub My Instant Offer Online Acceptance and Application.

  • Visit the LendingClub Personalized My Instant Offer Loan Offer page, www.myinstantoffer.com/united
  • Enter your Personalized Funding Code located on the offer later LendingClub recently sent you. If you still don’t find the number, click on the “Where do I find my code?” link below the entry field and see the image below.

lendingclub myinstantoffer loan apply

  • Click on the “Next” button to complete your loan application.
  • As a pre-qualified LendingClub My Instant Offer customer, you will need only a few things to wrap your application.

If approved and your loan is funded, the money will be deposited into your bank account within 3-4 business days. The majority of people get their funds within this time period. But, it may take time to verify your information for your loan to be approved.

Note that, when your loan will be issued LendingClub would do a hard inquiry that may affect your credit score.

Eligibility Requirements to Apply for LendingClub Loan :

Besides the pre-screened My Instant Offer personalized funding code, you can check your rate to qualify for a LendingClub Loan. Checking your rate and applying for a loan through LendingClub would not impact your credit score. Though to borrow from LendingClub, you must meet the following qualifying requirements.

  • You must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident or live in the United States on a valid long term Visa
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a verifiable bank account

In addition, to qualify for the lowest rates, you must have a high credit score, a long history of successful credit lines, and a low percentage of debt compared to income. Also, in some cases, you may need to add a co-borrower for your application to help you qualify for the loan.

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To Check Your Rate for LendingClub Loan Online :

If you have fulfilled the requirements mentioned above and want to apply for a personal loan from LendingClub, you can check your rates without responding to any offer mail. LendingClub accepts loan applications from all 50 US states.

Also, checking your rates through LendingClub generates a soft inquiry to provide insight into your creditworthiness. It will be visible only to you, not to the creditors or others who see your credit report. For checking your rate and apply for a loan with LendingClub online, you can

  • Either click the respective link on the LendingClub My Instant Offer ‘Where do I find my code?’ page or access directly this URL, www.lendingclub.com/loans/landing/f
  • You can also visit the main LendingClub website, www.lendingclub.com
  • Type how much amount you need up to $40,000 in the first field.
  • Select the reason for borrowing the money from the given list.
  • Click the “Check My Rate” button to see what you qualify for.
  • For joint apply, click on the ‘Add a Co-Borrower’ option on the application page.
  • If you qualify, you will have multiple loan offers. Choose one of them that you think will work best for you.
  • Fill out the application by providing requested information like your name, address, social security number.
  • You may also be asked to submit your income and employment documents.
  • Check the to-do list and complete the remaining tasks you have left for verification.
  • Confirm the information and finish your LendingClub Loan online application.

To evaluate your application, LendingClub looks at several factors. It will be from your credit score, information from your application and some details about you from credit bureaus, and other info to ensure that you can make on-time payments until the loan is fully repaid.

If you approved, generally within 24 hours, and your loan backed by investors or LendingClub Bank is finalized your money will be funded into your bank account. Depending on the bank, the amount takes a few days to be loaded into your account.

In the event, LendingClub is unable to show you any offer or if you do not qualify for any rate, your credit score will not be impacted.

Contact Information :

LendingClub Customer Service Number: 1-888-596-3157

Email Address: support@lendingclub.com

Mailing Address:

595 Market Street, Suite 200
San Francisco, California 94105

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