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How to Activate a Netspend MasterCard :

Netspend is a well-known Worldwide Payments Company. In the year 1999, Netspend was founded, by Sosa Brothers. Nowadays, the organization has collaborated its associations with various popular global brands like H.E.B (2009), PayPal (2011), Western Union (2014), & many more. In 2013, a Georgia-based organization Total System Services (TSYS) owned Netspend.

Netspend has served more than 68 million under-banked customers by providing them financial fulfillment, security, & freedom. The organization’s financial products are proposed to be utilized by people who do not have a traditional banking account or for those people who give preference to utilize substitute money-related options.

Presently, it has more than 1,30,000 Money Re-load outlets to serve the people. Netspend does not operate as a conventional bank, it is completely focused on the service people who required services beyond general banking systems. The Netspend Prepaid Visa & Master Card are endorsed and obliged by the Inter National Bank & Meta Bank, both are registered members of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

A Guideline for – How to Activate the Netspend MasterCard :

In order to activate the Netspend Prepaid Master Card, you are required to follow the below guidelines:

  • Firstly, visit the main official site of Netspend Bank.
  • You can click on the link provided www.netspend.com.
  • Search & tap on the “Active Card” option, on the top right above the webpage, or directly go to www.netspend.com/activate page.
  • Tapping on that button, you will be referred to a new webpage.
  • You need to put down your “Card Number” & “Security Code” in the designated blank field.

netspend card activation

  • Lastly, press the “Continue” button below, & go through the guidelines on the screen to complete the process.

Activate through Phone:

Alternatively, you can also activate your Netspend Prepaid Master Card through your smartphone. All you are required to call Netspend’s Customer Care Service Helpline at 1 -866 -387 -7363 to get help for activation.

A Guideline for – How to Sign Up or Register for Netspend MasterCard:

To get Sign Up or Register for the Netspend Prepaid Master Card account, you should follow carefully the underneath steps:

  • Move on to the authoritative website of Netspend Bank.
  • On the landing page top right, tap on the “Sign Up Now” tab.
  • Redirected to another webpage, you will easily find the “Enter Your Information” heading.
  • Now on the webpage, you need to put down your First name, Last name, Residential Street Address / Apartment Number, Zip Code, E-mail Address, etc.
  • At Last, after putting all information properly, follow the on-screen prompted guidelines to complete the Sign-Up or Registration process.

A Guideline for – How to Log In or Sign In for the Netspend MasterCard:

On the home page of the Netspend website, tap on the “Log In” option on the top of the webpage first. Now on the Netspend Account Log In webpage, you just need to put on your “Username” and “Password” and press the login tab below, to access your account.

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A Guideline for – How to Apply for the Netspend MasterCard:

If you want to apply for the Netspend Prepaid Master Card, you need to visit primarily the main official website of Netspend Bank. Firstly, you must have to “Sign Up”, for the online account and then “Log In” to get access. Now, after selecting your Netspend Prepaid Master Card, you can find the “Apply” button that will be prompted on the screen.

A Guideline for – How to Reset or Forgot your Username or Password for the Netspend Master Card:

  • Move on to the Netspend Account Log In webpage, following the login process above. Here you will find the “Forgot your Username or Password” option, click on the option as per your requirement.
  • If you tap on the Forgot Username option, then on the next page you need to put on the “Primary Cardholders E-mail Address” and tap on the “NEXT” button to follow.
  • Alternatively, If you tap on the Forgot Password option, then on the next page you need to put on the “Primary Cardholders Username” & “E-mail Address” and tap on the “CONTINUE” button to follow.

All About Netspend MasterCard:

Features and Benefits:

  • You have the advantage of depositing directly onto your Netspend Prepaid Master Card, & receive your paycheck up to 2 (two) days faster.
  • At your convenience, you can easily load checks to your card account, & avoid the hassle of waiting in line.
  • You can load the Netspend Prepaid Master Card anytime & anywhere like at gas stations, grocery stores, check cashers, & departmental stores all across the country. Nowadays, there are 1,30,000 locations available to serve you.
  • By calling the Netspend Prepaid Card (Toll-Free) Number 1 -866 -387 -7363, you can easily check your balance, along with a cost of $0.50. Additionally, you can also inquire about a participating ATM near you, within the United States.

Netspend Customer Service:

Netspend Corporation

P.O. Box – 2136

Austin, TX 78768 -2136

Phone number:

Customer Care Service (Toll-Free) (Call): 1 -866 -387 -7363 (1 -86 –NETSPEND) (Monday to Friday 8 am to 10 pm Central) & (Sat to Sun 8 am to 8 pm Central)

For Lost or Stolen Card (Call): 1 -866 -387 -7363

To Check my Account Balance (Send SMS To): “BAL” to 22622

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