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by admin September 06, 2020
Belk Credit Card Activation without Online Account

The Belk Rewards MasterCard is issued and managed by the Synchrony Bank. Its pursuant license is from the MasterCard International Incorporated. Belk Credit card can be used in the Belk Stores at the time of checkout. Every loyal customer is rewarded with the Belk Credit Card for greater joy in shopping. The best thing is that even the customers with low credit scores can activate and use the Credit Card freely.


About Belk

Belk is a famed gateway, offering a wide range of clothing, jewelry, beauty, handbags, home appliances, and much variety under one roof. Every day, there are so many more clearance sales, discounts, and offers to look out for. Belk Inc was founded in the year 1888 by William Henry Belk. Currently, Belk has extensive stores in more than 300 locations. Belk also revamped itself into an e-commerce destination with the website www.belk.com.


Features of Belk Rewards MasterCard

 As discussed earlier, every customer of Belk is offered with Belk Rewards MasterCard as part of the customer satisfaction program. Save handful with the Belk MasterCard and get your share of free delivery on ordering from the e-commerce store. Here are the features of the credit card enough to blow your mind:

  • 2% Cashback on purchasing grocery and fuel.
  • On purchasing participating goods from Belk and Belk.com, get up to 3% Cashback.
  • Every year, enjoy exclusive savings.
  • Immediately after account opening, get up to a 20%off discount coupon.
  • Every month, enjoy additional member-only savings.
  • On purchasing on account opening day, get up to $10 Belk Rewards.
  • Exclusive early access to the in-store reward, promotions, bonus ward events, and many more.
  • Avail receipt-free returns.

Rates And Fees:

  • 3% Foreign Transaction Fees.
  • Zero Annual Fees.
  • Late Fees up to $39.
  • Cash Advance Fees is 99%.

Belk Rewards MasterCard Activation with Online Access

Those who have newly applied for the Belk Rewards MasterCard can now activate their card without having to call the Synchrony Bank. You can also opt for the Online Registration and activate the credit card.  Online Access to your Belk Credit Card will also assist you to manage the card via the Synchrony Bank portal as well as Belk App. All you need to do is login after setting up the Online Access. After that, you can activate the card and start using it to your heart’s content.

Here is how to register for Online Access as well as start using the card on an immediate activation.

  • Open your browser and visit belk.syf.com/login/
  • Tap on the Register link under the Secure Login
  • Type in the Credit Card Number.
  • Type in the ZIP Code of the Credit card’s Billing Address.
  • Tap on Continue.
  • Follow the instructions to start creating the User ID and Password.
  • Set up unique Security Authentication.
  • Complete the account setup.


Access and Activate Credit Card

After setting up the Online Access, you can now access your account and proceed with the activation:

  • Open your browser and visit belk.syf.com/login/
  • Type in the account User ID.
  • Enter the Password.
  • You may tap on Remember User ID if you wish the browser to auto-fill your account credentials at the time of your next login. Skip the step if you are accessing from a public device.
  • Go to the Credit Cards option under the account details and proceed with the activation at ease.


Belk Credit Card Activation without Online Account

If you do not wish to register for Online Access right now, you can still proceed for activation. Activating the card will restrict your online net banking transaction but you will be able to perform offline transactions and cash withdrawals. Here is how to proceed with it:

  • Open your browser and visit www.belkcredit.com/activate
  • Take your physical credit card and start entering the following information one by one:
  1. Credit Card Number.
  2. Three-Digit Security Code. (back of the card)
  3. Social Security Number(last four digits)


Belk Credit Card Activation without Online Account


  • Tap on Activate My Card


Retrieve User ID

For those who have forgotten User ID must go through these instructions to recover it:

  • Open your browser and visit belk.syf.com/login/
  • Tap on User ID
  • Type in the Credit Card Card Account Number from the front portion of the card.
  • Mention the Billing ZIP code printed on the account statement.
  • Click on the


Reset Password

Just like User ID, you can also reset your account password in an extremely easy manner:

  • Open your browser and visit belk.syf.com/login
  • Tap on the Password
  • Enter the account User ID.
  • Type in the Billing ZIP Code.
  • Tap on the Continue
  • Create a Unique password after verifying your account credentials.
  • Re-login to the Belk Online account and confirm the changes made.

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Customer Support

For technical support, give an immediate call at 1-866-560-4456.



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