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by admin July 28, 2021
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How to Activate a My Vanilla Card :

In this 21st century, due to cyber-security reasons, all the liquid cash exchanges are moving towards digital transactions. There are several mainstream Credits and Debits Cards, My Vanilla Debit Card is among one of them, it is quite popular for making money transactions easier for a large number of people utilizing it in the market.

The My Vanilla Prepaid Card is approved & issued by The Bancorp Bank, a recognized licensed organization from the USA. You can easily make easy payments of your bills, deposit cash directly, & do much more utilizing this card. It is a dependable & protected method to make cash transactions anyplace globally.

My Vanilla Card isn’t a credit card so you cannot track your credit balance in it. Utilizing this card you can undoubtedly deposit direct money without any sort of problem. You can easily download the My Vanilla Mobile Application on your smartphone to utilize it conveniently from the comfort of your home. From that point, you can also digitally hook up your card with Samsung pay or Apple pay to simplify all your payments. The card can be simply utilized very much like a Master and Visa Card through swapping and making payment look simpler and quicker.

A Guideline for – How to Activate a My Vanilla Card:

If you want to Activate a My Vanilla Card, follow through the below guidelines:

  • Firstly, visit the main official website of My Vanilla Card.
  • You can also directly click on www.myvanillacard.com.
  • On the landing webpage, you need to SIGN IN first, & then tap on the “Set Up Your Card” option.

vanilla card activation

  • Now deferred on another page put down your “Card Number” & “Security Code”.
  • At Last, just tap on the “Submit” button below, to finish your online activation. You will receive a Text or E-mail as a notification that your card has been successfully activated.

Please Note: If you face any kind of issues regarding your Registration or Activation process, you may contact My Vanilla Customer Care Service at 1 -855 -686 -9513 to get help & support to Activate your Card.

To utilize the My Vanilla Card, you must get Registered or Activate the card on the online official website. After your card has been successfully enlisted, you can start utilizing it. You should provide the data of your Social Security Number (SSN) or any other legitimate type of Identification Proof (ID) & other individual data as an essential part of the Enrolment process.

A Guideline for – How to get Sign In or Log In for the My Vanilla Card:

In order to Sign In or Log In for the My Vanilla Card, read and follow the below-stated steps:

  • Go to the authoritative website of My Vanilla Card.
  • On the home page of the site, on the given field right down your “Username” and “Password”.
  • Now you need to tap on the “Sign In” bar below, to get access to your account.

A Guideline for – How to Reset or Forgot Password for the My Vanilla Card:

In any circumstances, if you have forgotten or want to Reset your Password for the My Vanilla Card, now on the official home webpage of the site, find the “Forgot Password” option just below the SIGN IN tab. Tapping on the tab you will be diverted to the next webpage. Here you are required to put your “Username” and press the “Submit” button. Now go through the on-screen prompted guideline to RESET your Password.

A Guideline for – How to get your My Vanilla Card:

You can buy your first new My Vanilla Prepaid Card at approved outlets such as Dollar General, CVS Pharmacy, Family Dollar, Speedway, 7 Eleven, Walgreens, and Walmart, etc.

A Guideline for – Who can use the My Vanilla Card:

Any individual those are 18 years or older & after verification and confirmation of ID, one can easily use the card. You should provide your Social Security Number (SSN) or another legitimate type of ID & other personal information that permits the MY Vanilla Card to recognize you. As this isn’t a Credit Card, there is no need for any credit check to pursue a My Vanilla Card. The Cards are not available in the Vermont region, USA.

All About My Vanilla Card:

Utilizing the My Vanilla Card provides you the flexibility of payment globally, and keeps your account digitally safe and secured. Presently My Vanilla is providing the facility of both Visa and Master Card.

Benefits and Advantages:

  • Free Direct Deposit
  • Adding your Funds Simplified
  • Access ATM
  • My Vanilla Mobile App
  • Mobile Wallet

Please Note: My Vanilla Master Card & Visa Card can be attached with Garmin Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and Fitbit Pay, etc.

Interest & Charges for My Vanilla Card:

  • Monthly Fee – $0 (No Fee).
  • Signature Purchase Transaction Fee & PIN Debit Purchase Transaction Fee – The charge is $0.95 per transaction.
  • Cash Withdrawal Fee from Domestic ATM – The charges are $1.95.
  • Dormancy Fee – The charge is $3.95 per month (Dormancy Fee is applied in case if the Card Account does not show any activity including Withdrawals, Any Purchase Transactions Cash Amount, Addition of Funds into your My Vanilla Card or Balance Queries, etc within 90 (ninety) days from your account opening.
  • Direct Deposit – $0 (No Fee).
  • Reload Cash Charges (At My Vanilla Reload Retailer) – The charges are Up to $3.95 per Reload Transaction.

Contact Details:

Mail To:
My Vanilla Customer Care
PO Box 826, Fortson GA 31808

Phone Number:

My Vanilla Card Customer Care Service (Call): 1 -855 -686 -9513

Report a Lost or Stolen Card (Call): 1 -855 -686 -9513

Reference Link:


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