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by admin September 10, 2020
Beginners Guide To Desjardins Activation

Opt for self-activation of your Desjardins Credit Card! No need to visit the issuer on spot. From the convenient comfort of your home, connect with the relevant channel to get your Desjardin Visa Credit Card fully activated for all-round usages.  Currently, the telephonic activation is available for consumer credit cards. Based on the user preferences, various credit cards are available with a myriad of features m rates and fees.


Why Opt For Desjardins Activation

The solutions and features offered by Desjardins Visa Cars are exponentials. Some of the common points that you will find in every Desjardins Cards are:

  • Online Account Management solution is known as AccèsD Internet for ease of access.
  • Get cash advances with suitable credit limits at any time.
  • From AccèsD Affaires helping you to access your company’s Visa Card in case of a Business account.
  • Accord D financing, a separate credit limit with different rates of interest for more flexibility.
  • Immediate Customer Service Assistance for any kind of inconvenience, request or complaints, lost or stolen card, account information, change of address, and many more.
  • All cards are verified and licensed by Visa.
  • All cards are eligible for BONUS DOLLARS where you can earn 1% of the Cashback spent. Collect them and redeem them for shows, tickets, dining, dining, financial services, and products.
  • Services like additional insurance, lower interest rate, monthly statement, authorized payment methods, and many more can be customized and added.


Rate and Fees Card-wise

Here are some of the popular Desjardins Visa Credit Cards with their rates and fees:

  • Desjardins Visa Classic Credit Cards
  1. 9% Interest Rate.
  2. Travel Insurance of 3-days.
  3. 9% optional low-interest rate.
  4. Insurance exclusive for Mobile Device.
  5. Zero Annual Fee.


  • Desjardins Visa No-Fee Gold Credit Cards
  1. 9% Interest Rate.
  2. Travel Insurance of 3-days.
  3. Rewards Program.
  4. Insurance exclusive for Mobile Device.
  5. Zero Annual Fee.
  6. 9% optional low-interest rate.


  • Desjardins Visa No-Fee Classic Credit Cards
  1. 9% optional low-interest rate.
  2. 9% Interest Rate.
  3. Rewards Program.
  4. Zero Annual Fee
  5. Travel Insurance of 3-days.


  • Desjardins Visa Travel Gold Credit Cards
  1. $110 Annual Fee.
  2. Insurance exclusive for Mobile Device.
  3. 9% optional low-interest rate.
  4. Rewards Programs.
  5. Comprehensive Travel Insurance.


Desjardins Activation With Complete Steps

New Cardholders can activate their Desjardins Visa Credit Card, by calling the Activation Help Line. Right now, this is the only simple method available for the activation apart from physically going to the nearest branch or outlet and complete activation.

  • The new cardholder must have a physical credit card with them.
  • After that, give a call at 1-888-389-7823 or 514-397-1580. Look for the 8-digit Control Number under your card.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the activation process. There is no need to talk to any support agent separately.
  • The process will be guided via self-help IVR.
  • Sign the back of your card with the original signature of the cardholder.

You are ready to use the card.


Enrolling With AccèsD

On activating the card, you will be able to make the purchase as well as withdraw cash wherever the Visa card is accepted. It is always recommended to register for AccèsD Internet, Online Card Account Management. Registering will enable you to take control of your credit card usage and management.  Desjardins Visa Credit Card (Personal) can enroll for AccèsD Internet by going through the given steps:

  • Open your browser and visit www.mycard.desjardins.com/
  • On the left side, click on Log On tab below AccèsD.
  • Click on Register for AccèsD.
  • Type in the Credit Card Number.
  • Tap on the Go
  • Create Username and Password as per the instructions.
  • Create Security Questions and Answers.
  • Complete the Account Setup.


Log On To AccèsD

After setting up the account, you can easily log in to the AccèsD anytime. All you need to do is:

  • Open your browser and visit www.mycard.desjardins.com/
  • On the left side, click on Log On tab below AccèsD.
  • Enter
  • Select
  • Enter Password.
  • Sign in to your credit card account.


Reset Password

Recovering the password may become necessary when you are unable to remember it and in turn, cannot access your account. Do not worry, just refer here:

  • Open your browser and visit www.mycard.desjardins.com > Log On > AccèsD
  • Click on Forgot Your Password.
  • Please enter your Username.
  • Click on Go.
  • Go through the prompts to recover the password.
  • On successful reset, return to the login page and access using the newly set password.

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Customer Support

General Helpline:

Dial 1-866-926-7666 to speak directly to the customer support regarding any queries, requests or complaints regarding online banking and credit card usage

Card Lost or Stolen:  

Dial 1-800-363-3380 or 514-397-4415 to cancel your card and request for a replacement.





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