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How could you apply for the Boost Platinum Credit Card

The boost platinum credit card is offering you an unsecured credit line, intended for people who have a bad credit history or not have any credit history at all. Your credit history is not necessary to apply for the Boost Platinum credit card and after approval, you will get an instant $500 credit along with other benefits. The Boost platinum card is offer by the Horizon card service, with experience of more than a decade.

The online application for the Boost Platinum credit card is very easy and simple. You could apply from the comfort of your home without stepping out of your home. To know more about how you could apply for the Boost Platinum credit card, you could go through the following article.

What is the eligibility criteria to apply for the Boost Platinum Credit card:

  • To apply for the Boost Platinum Credit Card, the resident must be 21 years.
  • A legal resident of the United States of America is only eligible to apply for the Boost Platinum credit card.
  • The applicant must have a credit card or debit card in his name.

What are the benefits of the Boost Platinum Credit Card:

  • Fast and easy to apply for a Boost Platinum credit card.
  • You will be charged 0% interest rate.
  • Your credit history or credit score doesn’t require
  • You will get unsecured $500 credit limit
  • Your employment status or source of income will not require to apply for the Boost Platinum Credit Card.
  • With this card, you can make your credit history and get a credit report from the major Credit bureau.
  • If you are a frequent buyer or love to shop from Horizon, with this card you can shop exclusively from Horizon outlet.
  • You can get access to My privacy protection, My Universal RX, My roadside protect, My legal assistance.

How could you apply for the Boost Platinum Credit card with a mail offer:

  • To, apply for a Boost Platinum credit card with a mail offer, you could visit the following page www.myboostnow.com/approval
  • Now, you will be required to enter the following info.

Enter the approval number (which could be found in your mail offer)

  • And click on the button “Go” after checking the terms and condition checkbox to proceed further.

Boost Platinum Card Apply

  • After that, you will be required to enter your following information


Mailing address

Birth Date

Email address

Phone number

Include how often you get paid

Include your next pay date

Monthly income

Credit score range

Direct deposit

  • And, click “Next” to move ahead
  • After the final approval from Horizon card, you would be able to apply for the Boost Platinum Credit Card

Note – Upon approval of your credit card you will get exclusive deals and offer from Horizon. It may take 5 days to 2 weeks to receive your credit card from the date of approval of your credit card.

What is the interest rate and charges you will have to pay for Boost Platinum credit card:

  • There will be no APR for purchases.
  • You will be charged $20 for late payment
  • A $5 for one-time card issuance and account activation fee will be charged.
  • Your minimum monthly payment for any given month can be greater than 10% of the account balance owed or $25.
  • After activation of your account, you will be automatically enrolled for their monthly membership plan of $500, which includes an unsecured card, My privacy protection, My universal RX, My roadside protection and My legal assistance.
  • For, more convenient you can opt for the $24.95 benefits plan. Your membership fees will be auto-debited from your bank account.

If you need any further assistance or have queries regarding the Boost Platinum Credit Card, you could contact Horizon Card service through the following options.

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How to contact Horizon Card service:

  • You could call their service experts to solve your queries, at the following number


  • You can reach to them through postal mail also, you could write to them at the following address

Horizon Card Services,

P.O. Box 1275,

Indiana, PA 15701

  • And, last but not least you could email them at the following address


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