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by admin July 14, 2023
JCPenney Card

JCPenney Credit Cards can be activated using the online activation method. Earlier, there was a telephonic method for activation. Nowadays, you can activate as well as set up Online Account at the same time. Switch to JCPenney Credit Card for extra savings and discounts.  JCPenney Credit Card is issued by Synchrony Bank and you need the JCPenney Card Activation process to use your JCPenney Card.

Features of JCPenney Credit Card

JCPenney Credit Cardholders are automatically enrolled in the JCPenney rewards. With this program, cardmembers are eligible to earn a reward point with every purchase made with the card. Here are some of the common features of the JCPenney Reward Credit Card.

  • Extra 15% off on purchase from JCPenney.
  • Extra 5% off on selected merchandise.
  • Collect 200 points to get a $10
  • Earn 2X reward points.
  • Upgrade to JC Penney Gold or Platinum Card on regular usage.
  • Chance to earn 2000 points at one go.

Based on the upgrade, JC Penney Gold and JC Penney Platinum Credit cards have exclusive benefits and offers with slight differences.

JC Penney Gold

  • Passbook for tracking and managing the coupons owned.
  • $10 Birthday Coupon.
  • Special Financing.

JC Penney Platinum

  • Passbook for managing and tracking coupons owned.
  • Platinum appreciation gives you 30% extra off on purchases.
  • $15 Birthday Coupons.
  • Bonus points.
  • Special Financing.
  • Bonus

Rates and Fees

  • The annual Percentage Rate for Purchases is 99%.
  • The minimum Interest Charged is $2.
  • Late Payment Fees up to $39.

About JCPenney Card Activation

As discussed earlier, activation of the card is carried entirely online. JC Penney Credit Card must be physically in possession with the primary cardholder for verification during activation. Post activation, customers will be provided with the option to activate Online Access.

Online Access will help customers to avail the following benefits:

  • View account e-statement.
  • Set reminders and alerts.
  • Make a payment or set up auto-payment.
  • Look for account information 24/7 hours.
  • Dedicated customer support.
  • Redeem and manage the reward points.

JCPenney Card Activation Process Online

Without much a do, proceed to the activation process.

  • Open your browser and visit the link.
  • Then enter your Card number, security code( three-digit back on the card), Last four digit of SSN.


jcpenny card activation


  • After that click on the Activate My Card button.


How to Register Your JCPenney Credit Card

If you want to register your JCPenney Credit card follow the steps.


JCPenney Credit Card Register page


  • Type in the Account Number.
  • Enter the Billing ZIP Code.


Register your JCPenney Card


  • Click on the Continue button.

JCPenney Card Application Instructions


apply for jcpenney card


  • Then enter your Last four-digit SSN and phone number.


jcpenney card application


  • After that click on the Continue button

JCPenney Credit Card Login Guide

To access the Online Account:

  • Open your browser and visit or link
  • Enter the User ID.
  • Type in the Password.
  • Click on Remember User ID if you wish to save credentials for future login. Strictly skip the step if you are accessing it from a public device.


JCPenney Credit Card Login


  • Then click on the SECURE LOGIN button.

Account Reset for JCPenney Credit Card

Reset Password 

On forgetting the password, users must go through this step to reset it:


jcpenney card forgot password page


  • Enter the following:
  • User ID.
  • Billing ZIP Code.


forgot password for jcpenney card


  • Click on the Continue
  • On resetting the password, return to the login page and access using a brand new password.

Reset User ID

Retrievinga  User ID is easier than it seems:


jcpenney card forgot userid page


  • Type in the given data:
  • Account number
  • Billing ZIP Code.


forgot userid for jcpenney card


  • Tap on Continue.


JCPenney Credit Card FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the minimum Credit Score for a JCPenney Card?

A minimum 700 score need for Jcpenney card.

What is the limit on a JCPenney Credit Card?

JCPenney Credit Card credit limit is usually around $500 to start.

What bank does JCPenney Credit Card use?

Synchrony Bank

Customer Support

Dial 1-800-527-4403 to speak directly to customer support regarding queries, requests, and complaints.


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